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Q & A Session mit Daniel Cudmore

Daniel Cudmore
Bürgerl. Name Daniel Cudmore
Gebutsdatum 20. Jan 1981
Geburtsort Squamish, Canada
Sternzeichen Steinbock
Nationalität Kanadisch
Größe 2,03 m
Augenfarbe braun
Haarfarbe braun
Ehepartner ledig
Kinder kA
Eltern Sue Bailey & Richard Cudmore
Geschwister Jamie, Luke
Rolle Felix

For everyone who wants to know what's going on in the mind of a Volturi guard: Here is the Q & A Session with Daniel Cudmore.

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Q: What is your favorite scene in New Moon?
A: Italy, definetely Italy. Everything's just been great there.

Q: For all of the your extra strengths whether in X-Men or New Moon - which extra strength would you like to possess?
A: It would be flying or being invisible so I could pick on people.

Q: How was the chemistry on the set of New Moon?
A: We all came together there. It was great! There hadn't been any feeling of stepping on another's toes.

Q: What was the feeling like on set?
A: It wasn't any crazy because Chris Weitz just always calmed the air on set.

Q: Do you like the character you play in the Twilight Saga?
A: Of course I do. With playing Felix I have the chance to be on the bad side. And it'S fun playing a dark character.

Q:When you "transformed" into Felix for the first time what were your first thoughts?
A: I was staring at myself in the mirror for a few moments and then I was like 'Wow those contacts are bright! So cool!'

Q: If you could choose to play a character apart from Felix which one would it be?
A: It would be one of the werewolves. Would be interesting.

Q: Would you ever do another franchise like Harry Potter or The Hobbit?
A: Sure, yeah I would even do The Hobbit (laughs cause we all know that he'S way too big for this role).

Q: Which clan would you choose - the Volturi or the Cullens?
A: Definetely the Volturi cause literally I would be running around eating people.

Q: How was it to play with Halle Berry?
A: She's really a sweetheart and very funny. I mean it's great to tell your friends at the bar after a day of shooting 'yeah I had to hug Halle Berry this morning...uugh...it was tough'. (laughs)

Q: What's your favorite Twilight book?
A: New Moon of course. It's so much action in it and hey I'm in it.

Q: What do you think is the reason for people being so interested in vampire stories?
A: I think it's the way of living forever and their super human strength. And they can lift cars.

Q: Who is the most favorite person you've ever worked with?
A: It's Charlie Bewley. We just clicked. We got along very well especially on the set.

Q: What is your favorite New Moon movie scene?
A: Definetely me fighting. Taylor as a werewolve. He's a great kid! I guess all of the werewolve scenes.

Q: What is your favorite Disney character?
A: Mary Poppins! As a kid I always liked her umbrella.

Q: Is there something you don't like?
A: To be in claustrophobic places.

Q: Bad or good guy?
A: The bad guy cause it's kinda fun.

Q: Do you have a favorite TV show?
A: Yes, I would say it's "True Blood".

Q: What is your favorite movie?
A: I don't really have fun. I like movies which are laughy or scary.

Q: If you could play another character instead of Felix who would it be?
A: I wouldn't want to play another character. Cause playing Felix was lots of fun.

Q: What is your favorite role you played?
A: They are all so different. But I'd say Felix cause he's a bad guy. In general it's always the role that comes next.

Q: Which famous actor would you like to act with?
A: Johnny Depp....Brad Pitt. And if I would meet these guys I would feel like a little kid.

Q: Would you think that the character of Felix would like Buffy if she came along?
A: Yeah I think he would like her. But I also think he would feel a conflict in eating or not eating her. There might be a good wrestling match between the two of them. She's a good character.

Q: Edward or Jacob?
A. Jacob.

Q: In the fighting scene with Edward - was it you or a stuntdouble?
A: Fortunately it was me. But I had a talk with the stunt coordinator before. I was so happy I could do it myself. I'm really excited what's it look like on screen.

Q: Did you read the Twilight saga books?
A: I read 3 in a row.

Q: What kind of role do you prefer?
A: Every normal character is complex and I am lucky enough to play all those different roles.

Q: How did you prepare for New Moon?
A: It was the 1st time I kinda had clothes on (laughs). Physically I trained for myself and mentally I prepared myself by reading the books.

Q: When you were shooting in Italy could you see some culture of this country?
A: Not much cause of the shooting. But I drank a lot of wine!(laughs)

Q: With all the fans that are surrounding you all the time has it ever been annoying?
A: I was taken aback especially when I shooted in Italy. the passion of the fans to the books have been great.

Q: Do you like vampire movies in general?
A: Yeah, especially "Interview with a vampire".

Q: If you could be a vampire in real life would you do that?
A: I don't think I would cause I like slepping way too much.

Q: When you got the role of Felix what have been your first thoughts?
A: First I talked with no one about it until it was through. Second 'I hope I don't screw this thing up!'

Q:What do you like more - filming at home oder abroad?
A: You know there's always two sides of a story. I like filming at home cause I can be home a lot. But when I am shooting abroad I always got the chance to visit and experience other countries. And by the way I really like Germany. I don't really get to see much of it unfortunately but the beer is awesome.

Q: How was the work with Dakota?
A: She is amazing. Everytime you are around her you feel like this girl's got an old soul. She's really down-to-earth and very cool.

Q: Do you have pets?
A: At the moment I don't have one but I really like to have a dog someday.

Q: What's your favorite song?
A: I don't really have a farvorite but I hear Kings of Leon very often at the moment. I was at their show in Vancouver.


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