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Ring*Con 2009
Short Info
First Ring*Con 2002
Organizer FedCon GmBH
Info Ring*Con 2009
Date 2nd Oct bis 4th Oct 2009
Place Hotel Maritim in Bonn
Tickets Gold Ticket 299 Euro / Weekendticket 90 Euro
Programm Q&A, autographs, photosessions, workshops
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Ring*Con Ring*Con Homepage
Board Ring*Con Forum
Twilight@Ring*Con 2009
Board Bis(s) in alle Ewigkeit

The Ring*Con is over but we indulge ourselfs in the vivid memories of living in a completely different world full of vampires, witches and people from Middle-Earth for 3 days!

The biggest European fantasy convention was held at the Maritim Hotel in Bonn on the first weekend in October. Everything started with the press conference on Friday morning where elves, humans, hobbits and vampires sat at one table preparing themselfs for 3 days of fun, jokes and actions. Christian Serratos and Edi Gathegi represented the Twilight saga in a great way. The atmosphere at the conference was relaxed and easy and full of laughters and funny conversations. Edi even made friends with a human of Middle-Earth (Bruce Hopkins as Gamling in Lord of the Rings).

The following actresses and actors attended the Ring*Con:

Lord of the Rings: Craig Parker, Mark Ferguson, Lori Dungey, Bruce Hopkins, Jarl Benzon
Harry Potter: Angelica Mandy, Matthew Lewis
Twilight: Christian Serratos, Edi Gathegi, Daniel Cudmore
Blood Ties: Kyle Schmid

After all of them were introduced during the opening ceremony we got straight into the action which means panels, Q & A sessions as well as lots of informative lectures and entertaining workshops like doing vampire-make-up or brewing potions.

All of the panels have been just great. The audience enjoyed every single second. Christian Serratos had a little session during her panel when she rocked the house singing and dancing to the Spice Girls' "If you wanna be my lover" accompanied by two girls from the audience. In the evening a vampire ball took place supported by Bobby Long and a musical dance crew showing some vampire dancing.

Saturday - a lot more panels were held, as Angelica Mandy, Kyle Schmid and Lori Dungey. But probably the most funny panel was the one of Christian Serratos and Edi Gathegi. It was very interesting to hear the interpretation of Christian's car-horn coming out of Edi's mouth. In the evening another Twilight-saga star hit the stage: Daniel Cudmore. Such a nice and funny guy! He was asked a lot of questions. A full report of this panel will be coming soon. This second day ended with a big 80's and 90's party in the lounge of the Maritim Hotel.

The last day started off with another great panel of Matthew Lewis who plays Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter followed by an hour full of laughter with Edi Gathegi and Daniel Cudmore. Special guest was Christian Serratos who disguised herself as a fan and asked Daniel and Edi to play the Volturi scene in the New Moon trailer. After she was caught by the 2 vampires Christian joined them on stage.

In the afternoon the closing ceremony was held where the fans had the opportunity to say goodbye to the actors.

It was a great time, lots of laughing and making new friends.

We can't wait for the Ring*Con 2010!

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